Poll Time

Since December is nearly here (already here for some of us) me being the bored person I am have decided to take a poll.

Do you like the 3 stalkers?

1. Heck yes! They’re the best thing since sliced bread.

2. I don’t really care.


Just put # 1,2, or 3 in your comment.


Let’s Post Again!

Well, we haven’t posted in a long time, have we?

Aqua’s here and she’s fixing that! So horrah! Cause I miss those old stalker adventures we had, they were awesome X3


Aqua is making a new post.

Because Aqua is bored and wants to have a bit of activity here xDD

And because she loves the new banner too *o*

And maybe she just wants a reason to speak in 3rd person a little. *shot*

Sorta Dead?

We haven’t been stalking Chibi fansubs at all (at least not me), but we’re not completely dead, since Aqua and I still talk to each other (and about stalking at times too) so we’re not dead, just inactive on this blog?


EDIT: I made a new banner for the site because the old one was killing mah eyes @_@


Happy Birthday our Ojou Sama! even though this blog is inactive/dead xD


Mimi & Aqua


As you can tell, pretty much all of us have moved on in life, and while all of us do keep in contact (except for Meow) we really haven’t stalked Chibi. Since they pretty much dropped Shugo Chara, and they aren’t subbing any anime, they’ve been inactive for a while, and so have we. WE never really did anything in the first place, and this blog was really useless, but hey we’ll just keep it here for old time’s sake. All the old members we used to talk to have gone inactive on Chibi fansubs, and while it’s fun to talk to the new members, it’s still not quite the same. But if you ever need the cosplay closet, feel free to leave a comment on here 😀 By this post, the three stalkers have officially disbanded. While all three of us haven’t decided this, we haven’t been active for quite a few months, and it turned out to be an obligation to me to keep on posting. We may get back together some day, maybe we won’t. Aqua and I still do keep in contact through MSN, and it’s all good, and our Ojou-sama is still happy 😀 If you feel a need to contact me, you can always email me at xXAddictedtoPockyXx@gmail.com or you can visit my blog http://mimi-stalker.blogspot.com . I dunno if Aqua wants to put her contacts on here (she can edit this post anyways) but I bid you adieu, and it was fun while it lasted.



Stalking :/

The three stalkers has sorta fallen apart, I mean, only Aqua and I are really on, Michi has stopped stalking the chibi site because of random people posting comments that make no sense whatsoever, Meow has just disappeared (we haven’t heard from her in a while) and Andy, d0t and all the other members of Chibi that actually were around when we started stalking aren’t on that much anymore… Even Alexis isn’t on that much anymore. It’s sorta sad… and I’m mad that wordpress deleted our EARLIER posts because Meow actually posted some =___________=

But WordPress has this whole new layout for the dashboard so I’m still getting used to it, there are some benifits and some “benifits” that are just plain annoying… I’m planning to do some organizing later (categories, posts ect.) I’ve already gone through all the posts that were stickied and un-stickied them since they’re not that important anymore, so for now, notice to Aqua, Meow (if she comes back) and Michi, just post regularily and not sticky anything unless it’s SUPER important, okay? ^.^ now, off to go categorize things, oh joy oh joy… =______________= added some more side bar things and re-organized them too…

Random I guess

Well just to let all of you know, Chibi is debating on whether to continue subbing SC or not. Don’t whine if they don’t continue, They aren’t obligated to continue subbing the anime. Oh yes, they are also missing some of their key people such as d0td0td0t who they need to sub. That’s why 58 hasn’t been released by them.